A fabulous food hall serving and selling premium body fuel in a relaxed and sustainable environment

The Batch House
Chesterfield's First Artisan Food Hall

The Batch House is located at The Glass Yard, Sheffield Road S41 8JY

The Batch House is Chesterfield’s first artisan food hall. You will find a wide selection of food and drink on offer for a range of different vendors. 

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The Batch House

A wide range of food and drink offerings from different independent  food vendors.

The Philosophy

Covid 19 has been a real wake up call. Our lives have changed.

Hopefully we all now take a little bit more time to think about other people, our health, our lives, our world and its future.
We are going to try, at the Glass Yard, to bring all these things to the front and create an environment we’d all like to live in.

Our Location

The site is situated fronting Sheffield Road, directly opposite the Project Stadium. The affluent suburbs of north Chesterfield and South West Sheffield are within easy access. The Peak District is a mere 10 min drive to the West.